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Y THIS NEWS an initiative of Raavi Media is a New Generation Online Media, which brings wealthy knowledge from PRINT  media and Candid yet Fluid presentation from TV Media together for online users with the help of a dedicated journalists team of about 30 years experience. ythisnews.com is the first and only online media to bring local News of Hyderabad & Telangana as early as possible.

Y THIS NEWS  is the first of its kind web portal in Urdu, Roman Urdu, and English that is designed to be a primary source of news and information for the entire Indian community. Not only does it provide local News of Hyderabad & Telangana, but also provides a plethora of information on a vast range of subjects such as Happenings in Hyderabad & Telangana, India & World, Crime, Sports, Health, Business, Entertainment, Research, and Creations, and much more.

Dream of empowering over 60 lakh Hyderabadis across the world to stay connected with their motherland [from Web, Phone, Tablet, and other Smart devices] multiplies, Raavi Media team energy is to bring the best into the www.ythisnews.com

As the digital wing of Raavi Media, ythisnews.com is a platform built for the next generation of news. Seeped in hard-hitting opinion and wound with interactive news content which World follows the principle of breaking the news and breaking the silence.