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Afghanistan: 6 Dead, Over 25 Injured After 14 Rockets Fired on Kabul

Kabul: On Saturday, Afghan police said that many rockets landed in different areas of Kabul. The rockets hit the capital city a couple of minutes after two explosions occurred in Chehel Sutoon and Arzaan Qeemat regions, TOLO News quoted the police as saying.

The explosion in Arzaan Qeemat left three more injured and one security force member.

At least six individuals were dead and more than 25 were injured after the 14 rockets hit various parts of Kabul following two IED explosions in the Afghan capital, officials stated.

Out of the five victims, four were killed in the rockets attacks and one in of the two IED explosions, Xinhua news organization cited the Public Health Ministry’s press office as saying in a statement.

Tariq Arian, a spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, said to Xinhua that, “Fourteen rockets fired from two small trucks from two separate locations in Police District (PD) 7 and nearby PD 17. The rockets hit separate places in PD 10, PD 4, and PD 2.”

The Kabul Police and intelligence agency personnel discovered the trucks and also defused one remaining rocket, he said.

The Interior Affairs Ministry stated the rockets landed in Shahr-e-Naw and Wazir Akbar Khan regions in downtown Kabul; Chahar Qala, the Traffic Roundabout; the Spinzar Road in the middle point of the city; the Gul-e-Surkh Roundabout in PD4, Sedarat Roundabout; close to the National Archive street in PD2; Lysee Maryam market; and the Panjsad Family area, TOLO News revealed.

No group as of yet has taken responsibility for the attack.

The Taliban has denied its involvement in the assault.

Over the previous months, significant Afghan cities, including Kabul, have seen a spate of terror attacks by Taliban insurgents and the Islamic State.


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