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After two decades, Central team made surprise visit to ITI Old City

With a view to scrutinize maintenance and performance of the Government Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I) Old City, a team of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, New Delhi made a surprise visit to the industrial training institution at Bahadurpura, also known as I.T.I Old City, on Tuesday.

Spread over 6.5 acres of area, this institution was established in the year 1972 primarily to provide opportunities to the students dreaming to shape their future in the industrial sector. Most of the students pursuing industrial training here belongs to minority community as the institution is nestle between the densely populated Muslim area of Bahadurpura.

It is learnt that the team of officials consisting of Director General of Training (DGT) working under the Ministry of Skill Development Entrepreneurship Trishaljit Sethi and Regional Director for Skill Development AP and Telangana Srinivas Rao, went round the room and pored over the training process under different trades.

Unhappy over the poor maintenance and pathetic state of sanitary affairs beside lack of proper equipment and machinery, the Director General of Training took umbrage over the officials at the helm of affairs at the industrial institution and pounded a slew of quarries one after another seeking explanations.

The official heard saying “Though the department has provided a required amount of funds and instruments, no sufficient staff and raw material has been provided at the institution to run training classes. Apart from this the institution has failed to implement an apprenticeship program,” The officials were even found unhappy over the pathetic state of sanitary affairs.

It is said that the team made a visit last time almost two decades ago somewhere before the year 2000. It has also learnt that the team of officials have no other plans except to visit the industrial training institution (I.T.I) Old city at Bahadurpura. It is said that the team of officials will leave for Delhi tomorrow with their report.

There are a total 12 trades in the ITI of which only few of them are reported operational. Also, the number of trainees said to have been dropped down to half of the seats available in the institution. Also, as against the capacity of 456 seats available in the institution, only 221 trainees were found getting training in the trades last year. Apart from this only 19 faculty members are serving in the institution as against the provision of 36 members.