Another jailed for peddling ganja in city

September 13th, 2019

Hyderabad : Anjani Kumar, IPS, Commissioner of Police, issued preventive detention order under Act No.1 of 1986 against Dibba Lakshmayya alias Laxman, a drug offender of Asifnagar Police Station on August 26.

Accused Dibba Lakshmayya, 25, of Ratnampeta, Konkasingi post (v), Koyyuru (m), Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh was involved in a case of peddling of Narcotic Drugs in the limits of Hyderabad Police Commissionerate. His illegal and highly dangerous activities in peddling of Narcotic Drugs among the innocent people in Hyderabad City have been endangering the lives of youth and innocent people, causing irreparable damage to their body organs, including the Central Nervous System, thereby crippling the mental and physical health of the people addicted to drugs.

Asifnagar Police arrested the accused on June 9, 2019 while peddling “Ganja” (Cannabis) in under Asifnagar Police limits. The Preventive Detention Order was executed on him on August 27 and was lodged in Central Prison, Chanchalguda (NSS)