Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Apollo is gearing up to administer 1 million vaccines per day

With potentially effective vaccines nearing their completion, Apollo hospitals have stated that they will be prepared to administer one million vaccines every single day as soon as the authorities furnish their approval for a market release in India.

For giving the vaccine, the hospital will station 10,000 of their workers at different health care centres, pharmacies like Apollo 24/7, its hospitals and more.

In order to avail the vaccine, which will be ready in a month or two, Apollo hospitals asked their customers to participate in a survey via which they can obtain the latest updates on the vaccine’s availability, including when and how they can receive the administration of the vaccine.

The survey would require people to answer questions pertaining to their opinion and readiness for getting a shot of the vaccine. These will also include those that question an individual as to after how many days of the vaccine release will he be willing to take it.

A registration for receiving the updates can done through mobile numbers. “Share your phone number below so that we can keep you informed about the best and safest Covid-19 vaccines, when they will be available, who is likely to get it first and how you can get it”, Apollo 24/7 said.

In order to make the vaccine obtainable by as many people as possible, the hospital said the 10,00,000 vaccine/day mission has been launched. As an Apollo pharmacy or care centre is present within 30 minutes distance from 30% of India’s population, a safe and widespread reach of the vaccine can be guaranteed, said the executive vice-chairperson of the Apollo Group of Hospitals, Shobana Kamineni on Thursday.

Speaking about the hospital’s privilege on sharing the work with government agencies, Ms. Kamineni told reporters that they will ensure “a large number of people get the vaccine, quickly and safely, as it becomes available”.

She expressed her believes of the private healthcare service providers getting bestowed with a major responsibly when the government ends their inoculation process earlier using the public healthcare system.

As some of the vaccine candidates are still under their final trial sessions around the world, government guidelines will be followed only after which the vaccines will be given by Apollo Hospitals to the citizens, Ms. Kamineni said. However, preferably, a doctor should decide the same, she noted.

Compared to the government-set cost of each vaccine, the charges that will be levied by Apollo for administering it to every person would be “insignificant”, she said, while adding that this price would include the cost of consumables plus a service charge.

According to a notice released, government has approved Apollo to receive the cold chain for managing 300 million doses of the vaccine annually. A senior executive of the hospital chain said 6,000 nurses and 1,000 doctors have been trained for this crucial moment for delivering safe vaccines and another 3,000 nurses will be joining their force, training of whom will be completed soon.

In the vaccine tracker given by Apollo, it said, “Join the list and urge your loved ones, especially ones with pre-existing health conditions to do the same. You will be the first one to know about the vaccines while Apollo gets ready for the #BattlegroundVaccine.”