Friday, August 19, 2022
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Authorities hopeful of lifting Osman Sagar gates too this season

The ‘rabbit and tortoise race’ between Himayath Sagar and Osman Sagar Lakes in reaching full capacity has put the officials on extra alert this time as both the reservoirs are now cramming that too at the very beginning of the rainy season and there is a great possibility of marking another history this year with the lifting of crest gates of both the lakes in a row after several years. While the Himayath Sagar Lake is considered as a ‘Rabbit’ in terms of receiving inflows, the Osman Sagar Lake is dubbed as ‘Tortoise’ when it comes to making strides in increasing the capacity.

Though the race was won by Himayath Sagar Lake today where three gates were lifted today to release the surplus water after the water level reached to 1763 feet as against the full capacity of 1763.50 feet, the situation at Osman Sagar is not walled off from an alarming point where only 5.4 feet of gap has left to crammed the lake while the rainy season is about to pick up the pace. With present water level hovering at 1784.60 feet (2.765 TMC) in the lake, The Osman Sagar Lake too is standing close to touch the full tank level mark of 1790 feet this time.

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Indicating an upward trend in storage capacity starting from 1784.22 feet on 15th July with 833 cusecs of inflow, the water level at Osman Sagar has reached to 1784.60 feet on 20th July sans any fresh inrush into the lake. This has communicated a least 0.38 feet of increase in the water level of Osman Sagar during the last one week.

Though the Osman Sagar Lake not fared well enough in terms of getting inflows like Himayath Sagar ever since the monsoon rains set into motion, but its storage capacity has already reached to a level of 1784.60 feet (2.765 TMC), a point just short of a few feet to replete. Thanks to last year’s bountiful rains that helped Osman Sagar Lake to bolster its capacity that retched-up with fresh inflows this week due to post monsoon showers.

Ecstatic officials at Lake are optimistic that Osman Sagar will be next to lift the gates if the rains in upstream areas continue to hit the ground in the days to come as there are a lot more days to go before the present rainy season shakes off.

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“It was in the year 1998 and then 2010 when the crest gates of Osman Sagar Lake were lifted to release the water after the lake receives heavy inflows due to incessant rains. Now after almost eleven years of gap the time has come close to see this reservoir crammed again that may attract authorities to lift the gates if the capacity reaches to its crescendo. Presently, the lake needs about 1.2 TMC (5.4 feet) of water to reach full capacity. We are also praying to see the lake get filled with its full capacity just like Himayath Sagar Lake,” informed a senior official overseeing the Osman Sagar Lake.