Friday, September 25, 2020
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Begging mafia rises in Hyderabad city

Hyderabad: Many children are facing danger in India and orphan children are at a high risk of starvation, exploitation illness and sadly death, one of the horrific scenes is that a group of people intentionally wound children so that children would gain more sympathy as street beggars.

Nowadays in Hyderabad Begging mafia are increasing day by day Begging mafia is kidnapping children living on streets and forcing them to beg in Hyderabad. Recently police have rescued 4 children from such groups who have to kidnap these children, some of these cases were Reported in saifabad, chaderghat, Falaknuma and bowenpally of Hyderabad.

In saifabad case, 4 persons including 2 women were arrested by saifabad police and rescued a child who was kidnaped from A-C guards and all the 4 kidnappers were beggers and took away chid along with them for begging to hope that people will give more sympathy. S krishnaiah sub-inspector (saifabad) said. In bowenpally, saifabad and chaderghat , parents of the children were also beggars and earned their means by begging but the children were not into begging.

In FalakNuma case the kidnapers were also beggers who took away children from there parents when they were busy in the hospital and in all four cases, police caught the kidnappers and rescued the childrens.

In some cases the kidnappers were thinking that parents of the kidnaped child will not go to the police, even if they approach police, the police will not look into their matter because they were beggers “ we took all the complaints seriously ” “as the incident occurs the cases were booked by the local police and the police tracked the kidnappers” S Raghavendra inspector task force said.

Recently task force has rescued a child near a hospital of FalakNuma area. In June 2020 Bowenpally police have rescued a child who was kidnapped from her mother at a bus stand while she was begging. The kidnappers gave the women Rs 50 and said to get some snacks for the child and later they took the child. The child was later rescued by the Ramayanpet police after getting a tip from Hyderabad police.

The task force along with chaderghat police has rescued a child who was kidnapped while his mother was asleep, later the kidnapper was found and the child was rescued from kalaphater.