Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Biden To Host Kenyan President Amidst Humanitarian Crisis In Tigray

In the most recent update, US President Joe Biden will have Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta at the White House. Press Secretary Jen Psaki educated on Thursday.

Pioneers To Discuss US-Kenyan Bilateral Relationships

Psaki said in an explanation that the US President and the Kenyan President will examine building solid US-Kenyan reciprocal relationship. Alongside the need to carry straightforwardness and responsibility to homegrown and global monetary frameworks.

She added that they will likewise talk about the endeavors to safeguard popular government and basic liberties, advance harmony and security, handling environmental change and speed up financial development. The gathering will be the initial time when Joe Biden conducts two-sided chats with an African chief since he turned into the President.

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This comes in the midst of the continuous clash and the compassionate emergency in the Tigray district of Ethiopia which is one of the Kenya’s adjoining nations.

In the mean time, the Biden organization has taken steps to force sanctions against individuals who are associated with the Tigray struggle.

ICJ Sides With Somalia Over Maritime Boundary Issue

In another update, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has favored Somalia in the debate with Kenya over maritime The decision was delivered on Tuesday and is lawfully restricting despite the fact that the court has no implementation powers.

The court dismissed Kenya’s case of the oceanic limit and said that the nation had not reliably kept up with the equivalent. The court additionally inclined towards Somalia guaranteeing a straight line into the Indian Ocean.

At the equivalent, time, the court dismissed Somalia’s quest for repayments after the nation claimed that a portion of the Kenya’s exercises had abused their power.

Last week, Kenya said that they would not perceive the court’s judgment and said that the legal interaction was one-sided. Simultaneously, they have asked the Kenyans to remain quiet.