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‘Boycott Muslims’ campaign is to cripple them economically: Prof. Apoorvanand

Pointing out that the recent incidents of social boycott of Muslims in several states is a part of meticulously planned strategy to cripple the Muslim community economically, Prof. Apoorvanand, Professor Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, said, “The Hindutva forces are trying to find a casus belli to demine Muslims community in every sense.”

While taking part in a debate titled ‘Why is the campaign to isolate Muslims is Running’ on a news channel, he said, “After targeting Muslim butcher, meat, chicken and egg shop owners, they are now waged a vilification campaign against petty fruit sellers using false narrative that Muslim merchants sell the fruits laced with their saliva. This is entirely to break Muslim community economically in the country.”

In Karnataka, he recalled, first they raise questioned over Halaal meat and now they move a step ahead with a fresh boycott of Muslim fruit merchants. This wasn’t stopped here. They even started urging Hindus to refrain from hiring autos being run by Muslim drivers. “Their campaign is not confined to the meat business of Muslims. They are systematically moving towards a social boycott of Muslims to break them economically,” asserted Prof.Apoorvanand.

The other side of the campaign is to replace Muslim butchers with a particular community of Hindu butchers for which they are urging Hindus to buy much of their meat and chicken from non-Muslim butchers of Khattak community. They are even urging the Hindus to avoid buying anything from Muslim merchants be they are selling meat, eggs, fruits or vegetables.

“All these chain of events are a part of a well sieved plot to target Muslim community, he said, adding that “They are constantly creating a climate of fear among Muslims. From depriving the Muslims from political representation in government to Hijab Ban and calling for a boycott of Muslim merchants to avoiding their transportation services, everything shows that the Hindutva forces have sieved a comprehensive strategy to break Muslims socially and economically.”

Dragging the attention towards the recent incidents of violence especially in BJP ruled states during Ram Novami celebrations, Prof.Apoorvanand, said “Hindutva forces tried to create fear among Muslims in their own area. “It was observed that processions and rallies especially in Madhya Pradesh where took a route towards Muslim areas to provoke them that resulted into clashes between two communities. The next day the district administration was found pulling down houses and shops of Muslims accused of taking part in the clashes,” bemoaned Apoorvanad.