Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Cab drivers cancelling your ride bookings? Traffic police says to do this

Cab drivers cancelling trips is not a new event. New measures are now being taken up to tackle these problems. Several taxi-service providing applications are available to use in the city. However, when you require these cabs the most, the drivers confirm the rides and then cancel it within a few minutes, or worse, after calling you and knowing your destination.  

This isn’t the only issue. Passengers have also complained about drivers cancelling the confirmed bookings after knowing that they are non-cash rides. Online payments are almost never accepted by drivers. Some of them also do not cancel the trip but divert their vehicle and go in a completely different route, which isn’t remotely close to your pickup location. When this happens, the customer themselves choose to cancel the trip after waiting for nearly 10-15 mins. However, they get penalized for the “efforts and kms the driver spent” despite the fault being of the latter. 

However, the city police have now listed certain steps that people can follow when this happens. Reported incidents can lead to drivers getting fined for cancelling the trip.  

As per the latest updates from the Traffic police of Hyderabad, if a cab driver, who is a contact carriage driver, refuses to go ahead with the trip and cancels it, you can proceed with the following steps: 

1- Once a cab driver confirms your booking, take a screenshot of the booking page, including the driver and cab details (vehicle number, name, etc). 

2- When your driver calls you to ask about the drop location, share it with him. You can also inform him of the cash or non-cash mode of payment.  

3- If the driver then rejects your booking after knowing your destination or mode of payment, screenshot the cancellation page or notification and send this along with the cab number, location, date and time of the trip to the Traffic police’s official WhatsApp number. You can also share the details via Twitter as a post, tag the city Traffic police in your tweet to bring this to their notice.  

The new measures are a way to solve the problem of cab drivers cancelling trips more than ever. As per section 178 of the MV Act 1988, these drivers cannot cancel the ride. In fact, it is an offence and they are eligible to face a fine for the act.