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CEIR assists Telangana Police in tracking 4,226 mobile phones

Telangana police used the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) to track down 4,226 mobile phones and return 1016 handsets to their rightful owners within a month of its launch. The owners either stole or misplaced their mobile phones.

Telangana DGP Anjani Kumar stated that since the implementation of CEIR in Telangana on April 13, the police have blocked 16,011 mobile phones, traced 4,226 phones, and returned 1,016 to their rightful owners after being unblocked.

“The Telangana police was selected for pilot project of the CEIR which was officially launched on May 17 in the country while in the State it was started on April 19. All the police units have contributed in tracing the lost/stolen mobile phones,” said Anjani Kumar.

Telangana police initially organized training for 60 police officers, who later trained many other officers across the state’s 780 police stations. The Department of Telecommunications created the CEIR portal.

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Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat, Additional DGP Crime Investigation Department, kept track of the cases on a daily basis. The owners had approached the police and reported theft or loss of their mobile phone. The gadgets were blocked using CEIR, and after tracing and following the necessary procedures, the mobile phones were unblocked.

“The integration of the CEIR application with CCTNS citizen portal has been completed. We are making an appeal to the citizens of Telangana to utilize the service on citizen portal without visiting to Mee Seva/ Police Station for lost/missing of mobile devices,” said Anjani Kumar.







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