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CM KCR calls Telangana a centre of spirituality

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, who will inaugurate the Telangana Brahmin Sadan here on May 31, has stated that the state has become a spiritual centre.

Brahmin Sadan has been built on a nine-acre plot of land in Gopanpally.

Chief Minister KCR hoped that the Telangana government’s first Brahmin Sadan would serve as an ideal spiritual and religious information centre for the country as well as a centre of religious guidance for the society.

‘Chandi Yagam’ and ‘Sudarshan Yagam’ will be performed as part of the inauguration. The ceremony will be attended by leaders of Brahmin communities from other states, as well as priests and Vedic scholars.

Priests from well-known shrines, including Kanchi Kamakoti and the Dwadasha Jyotirlingas, prominent Hindu religious leaders, and Brahmin community leaders from all states and Brahmin public representatives have been given an invitation.

KCR discussed the inauguration plans with the President and members of the Telangana Brahmin Welfare Parishad.

He proposed that the Brahmin Sadan collect spiritual literature and ritual information from all over the country, preserve it in books and digital format, and make it available to all. The Chief Minister said it is the responsibility of society to protect the Vedic ‘purohits’ who are always engaged in the service of the well-being of the entire world and in divine service. He claimed that the same philosophy is at work behind the implementation of numerous schemes for the benefit of Brahmins.

Telangana, according to the Chief Minister, has become a spiritual centre due to the revival of temples and spiritual and religious programs organised across the state.

The Chief Minister said priests and Vedic scholars are migrating to Telangana for work. He claimed that Telangana, like all other communities, has become a hub of employment for Brahmins.






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