Monday, September 28, 2020
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CM’s announcement just a ‘confession of a devil:’ Opposition

Conceding to the pressure build by the Muslim community and their organizations for the reconstruction of mosques in situ in the state secretariat, CM’S K.Chandrashekhar Rao has formally announced today in the state assembly that the religious structure would be rebuilt at the same place where they were raised to the ground.

Despite the well-planned demolition of the state secretariat under official supervision and surveillance, the CM’s has tried to clarify that the mosques were demolished inadvertently and no one intends to cause the damage with any ulterior motive. Proclaiming that he himself is a staunch devotee and a believer, the chief minister said, “Those who are devoted to their faith know well how to respect the beliefs of others. The mosques not only be rebuilt in situ in the secretariat but would be constructed with more grandeur in an expanded area that was left open between the mosques earlier and would be handed over to Wakf Board. No need to cast doubt over it,” he assured.

Terming the KCR’s assurance about mosques a mere political gimmick played keeping the proposed elections into mind, M.A.Qavi Abbasi high court advocate and spokesperson All India Majlis Inquilaab-e-Millat (AIMIM) said, “KCR well versed in playing such conjuring tricks through promises and assurances to keep himself remain in the power. More despicable is the role of a few dominant leaders and organizations that are supporting the autocratic ruler like KCR on the cost of Muslims.”

Claiming that KCR’s announcement that the mosques would be rebuild and handed over to Wakf Board itself is  tantamount to a confession, he said, “This has proved that the government has committed a blunder by trespassing into premises without any entitlement over it and caused damage to the property.”

Meanwhile, taking potshots at the luminaries of Muslim Organizations and United Muslim Forum (UMF) for shielding the TRS Government blindfolded during elections, Amjed Ullah Khan, spokesperson of Majlis Bachao Tahreek (MBT), urged them to slug it out with the government for the resolution it has passed in the assembly seeking centers nod for centenary celebrations as well as conferment of Bharat Ratan award to former prime minister P.V.Narsimha Roa.

Asking the leaders of UMF for self-introspection, he said, “The leaders of the forum, with the beating of a drum in the last elections, appeal the Muslim community to vote in favor of TRS party that vigorously pursuing the honor for PVNR, who is the mastermind behind the demolition of Babri Masjid. He dared the forum leaders to announce giving up of support to the TRS party forthwith and prove that their organization always gave prominence to the Muslim cause over allegiance to KCR.

Taking a dig at his arch-rival party AIMIM (old), Amjadullah Khan said, “Owaisi brothers and their party always try to avoid giving straight dope to the Muslim community for the sake of their political gains while there leadership is lack of with ideological conviction and sincerity. Ridiculing AIMIM’s attempt to oppose the resolution on PVNR in the state assembly, he said, no one can deny the fact that AIMIM is presently rubbing cold shoulders with TRS Government and the elder Owaisi is KCR’s fidus achates who brought the resolution in the assembly.