Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Congress To Protest Against Rising Fuel Prices

The Congress Party of India is reportedly planning to go on for a nationwide protest against the jumping fuel prices across the country. This comes after the fuel prices rose to Rs 100 earlier this week.

Congress Orders State Units To Organize Nationwide Block

As per the latest reports, Chief Spokesperson of the Congress Party, Randeep Surjewala made a statement regarding the rising fuel prices in India. In the statement, he chanted the slogan, “Hum Do Hamare Do, Diesel Nabbe Petrol Sau”. He further accused BJP of deliberately increasing the prices of fuel all across the country.

He further added and called the Bharatiya Janata Party as “Bhayankar Janloot Party”. Surjewala also termed the government as “Petroljeevi”. In another statement, he said that the congress party has ordered their state unit to organise protests in their respective states against the fuel prices.

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Surjewala said that the government in the last six years of their governance has earned (allegedly) more than Rs 20 lakh crores from the excise duties on both petrol and diesel. He said that back in May 2014, the international crude oil price was $108 per barrel and the petrol was being sold at Rs 71.51 per liter in Delhi and diesel was at Rs 57.28 per liter.

Reports suggest that K.C. Venugopal, the General Secretary of Congress party has reportedly written to the state units regarding the rising fuel prices and the protests. In fact, Madhya Pradesh has announced a “half-day bandh” on Saturday all across the state in protest against the fuel prices.

In the demands reported by Congress, they have asked the central government to remove the taxes imposed on the prices of petrol and diesel. They accuse them of introducing the price of petrol at Rs 61.92 per litre and diesel price at Rs 47.51 per litre when they started their governance in India.. Party leader, Gaurab Vallabh said that all the indians deserve to be relieved from the high fuel prices.

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As per the latest updates, Petrol and diesel prices have reportedly increased by 22 times in the year 2021 so far.

Narendra Modi Blames Congress For Rising Fuel Prices

Earlier this week, Narendra Modi released a statement in regards to the rising fuel prices across the country. He blamed his predecessors (Congress) for the hike in fuel prices. He said that if the previous governments had made enough efforts to ensure that India wasn’t too dependent on importing fuel and energy imports. He said if India wasn’t this dependent on import, the middle class families of the country wouldn’t have to face this burden.


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