Monday, March 8, 2021
Home Exclusive Despite the vaccination drive, the parents clamour more clarity over children security

Despite the vaccination drive, the parents clamour more clarity over children security

With only 5 days are left to reopening of high schools and colleges in the state with physical attendance, the parents are still suspicious about sending their children as doubts regarding the corona vaccine are still engrossed over their minds despite the government vigorously campaigning to dispel the fear and apprehension among the people regarding safety of their wards.

Most of the parents are still walking a tightrope in allowing their children to attend their academics physically and are holding wait and watch policy over the issues following the reports of few unsavory incidents that emerge in the section of media wherein people suffered from allergic reactions after getting vaccinated.

“We are simply waiting to see the obvious signs of improvement in the situation as were there prior to the pandemic. There were reports that the new coronavirus variant has convulsed again in some countries prompting them to halt the flights domestic and international. Moreover, there are few more reports of people affected with allergic reactions soon after getting the vaccine shots,” informed Syed Shoukat Ali.

“The post coronavirus situation has not yet hit a plateau. The government no doubt has urged the management of the institutions to take appropriate measures for the safety of the pupil. However, it can’t be vigilant all the time as no proper mechanism exists at the government level to keep monitoring the situation.

We too are eager to see improvement in the situation but can’t leave our children on the tender mercies of the management simply relying on the government’s frail law enforcing mechanism. Will keep an eye on the situation and can take a call only after the situation improves,” said Mohd.Ikram.

However, few representatives of the private school managements are on the view that the proposed board examinations of SSC this time will not hold a strict eye due to less time being given to students for preparation.

“There are only two months of time left behind the SSC examination which is not at all-sufficient. In such a situation there is an element of plausibility in saying that the board exams for 10th and intermediate may go without a strict eye owing to the situation while the students of 9th standard may get a promotion,” informed a Principal of the school on the condition of anonymity.