Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Flood victims enraged over cash relief process put on hold abruptly

With the abrupt end of receiving applications through mee-Seva centers in the city today for cash relief to flood victims, scores of people in different areas were seen castigating the government saying it has put them to suffer since the day the flood has ravaged their lives.

Serpentine queues were seen at mee-Seva centers around Hyderabad especially in the Old City where a significant number of people witnessed one of the most devastating floods of all times that swarmed half of the city.

A chaotic situation was seen and people were squabbling with staff of the me-Seva center after being informed that the online feeding of forms were abruptly stopped as the site was not responding. Police too were seen facing trouble to deal with the heard of people flocked to mee-Seva centers in different areas to submit online forms for flood relief.

“We have waited in queues for almost eight to ten hours but to our dismay we were told by the staff of mee-Seva centre that the government has put on hold receiving online applications abruptly. Several people, who were lined up in queues since midnight yesterday, were disappointed with the way they were made to suffer several hours waiting in queues only to return empty handed,” said Mohd Shoib, a resident of Hussaini Alam.

“After a long wait of several hours I succeeded in filling my application in mee-Seva center at Rajendranagar to which I even got a message from the GHMC. However, another message was sent to me saying the amount is being denied due to a faulty account number, a mistake done not by me but by the staff member who feeds my form. I have resubmitted the form today again but was told later that the government has rescinded the online process abruptly. How the government can do this to poor people shortly before the election,” said Sainath Kumar, a resident of Katedhan.