Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Following certificate scam, GHMC to overhaul corrupt MeeSeva mechanism

A recently exposed scam of issuing fake certificates of births and deaths through MeeSeva Centers in the Hyderabad city has revealed that the whole paradigm spins around a covenant network of corruption in meeSeva centers and the lacunae found in the service mechanism brazenly exploited by the fraudsters.

As the damage was already done, the officials from Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) woke out of slumber and are reportedly trying to rectify the same with remedial measures. The GHMC reportedly decided to cancel around 31,000 certificates of births and deaths issued through MeeSeva centers in the city soon after the scam came to light of which it was found that over 27,000 certificates were forged.

All these certificates, especially the death certificates were found issued without proper records and online entries that raised the eyebrows of city based social activists and prompted the officials to initiate a probe into the matter. However, the social activists said that the officials are completely aware of the murky affairs prevailing at the MeeSeva centers around the city but turned a Nelson’s eye by the time the damage was done.

People who acquired certificates from MeeSeva centers during the last one year are not aware whether the documents are genuine or not and more so, what if they found it invalid later after learning that thousands of certificates were discarded by the GHMC after the scam came to fore. The people who off-late learnt about the scam are personally approaching the concerned MeeSeva centers to get a straight dupe about their documents.

Meanwhile, it is said that the GHMC’s investigation report has been prepared and the vigilance officials upon finding the details, are attributing the issue with technical glitches and corruption practices being prevailed in MeeSeva centers in the city. While recommending merger of GHMC data with that of RDO’s record, the vigilance officials’ suggested to the civic body that there is a need to rectify the technical lacunae found in the system.