Monday, June 14, 2021
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Following High Court’s rebukes to Govt. let’s see which way the wind blows: Intellectuals

As the High Court of Telangana takes a serious note of a grave situation created out of rapid increase in covid-19 cases in the state and gave 48 hours of ultimatum to the state government asking to take a call on imposing night curfew or weekend lockdown, the state government sweeps under the carpet now who until now have tried to play down the macabre situation.

Only two weeks earlier the Health Minister Etala Rajender made a mention at a press conference that the situation is under control and despite the cases increasing rapidly across the state; the contagion can be cured merely through home isolation as 95 percent of cases are asymptomatic. He even moved on saying that the death toll due to Covid-19 was by and large not aggravating as people are taking necessary precautions and even undergoing treatment if tested positive.

However, the following days have seen alarming increase in covid-19 cases in the state that shows the government has not at all anticipated that the situation will go this much wrong and that it may face the flak from high court for undermining the grave situation. Even the Chief Minister K.Chandra Shakher Rao tested positive with covid-19 and was sent into isolation under the supervision of medical experts.

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Though the government has already taken a call to shut the schools down earlier this month in the state but after the high court’s rebuke it may forced to take few more measures to bring the curbs back in the state to arrest further spread of the contagion.

“The high court observations against the covid-19 situation in the state are not new. It has even made a similar observation about the congregation of people in the state fortnight before which was not been implemented with letter and spirit. The government may not take the situation serious even this time more than imposing a night curfew in isolated areas with a need base approach,” M.A. Majid, a senior Journalist and Member Press Council of India.

“As a first step towards complying court orders, the government may take a call to impose atleast night curfew soon this week in the state and would wait for another shoe to drop. As the situation in neighbouring states is already turned volatile due to surge in covid-19 cases, it may take no much time to explode a similar catastrophe here in the state if tough measures were not been taken to control the virus,” said Syed Shoukat Ali, a community activist.

“Welcoming the high court’s observation Kamelakar Jitender, another city based social activist said, “The situation is really alarming and there is no way out but to impose curbs on public movement as no one knows who is a corona carrier. It is better to keep people off from the roads atleast on a night hours that may help arrest the spread of covid-19 cases in the state. “Allowing people venturing out unnecessarily at this point of time will surely help fermenting the chaotic situation,” assert Jitender.