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Fully furnish Minorities Hostel for Boys at Rajendranagar fails to serve the purpose

Spending huge funds to set up Minority Hostel in the city and outskirts aren’t secure adequate strength in the institutions owing to lack of proper awareness about their existences. As consequences few institutions in the city are lying in a pitiful state and a Hostel at Rajendranager is one such example.

Despite spending a huge amount on the construction and formally opening in the years 2018, the unfaithful and desolated building of ‘Minorities Hostel for Boys’ at Rajendranagar fails to draw enough number of students over the last two years. Now, with the opening of the institution only two months ago, the doors were shut again due to convulsing of corona virus cases again.

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The 100 bedded fully furnished Minorities Hostel for Boys was constructed with a cost of 210.63 lakhs in the year 2018 on a cost sharing ration of 50:50 between the state and the centre as part of a joint program under Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram.

Though the project at Premavathipet village, abutting to MRO Office Rajendranagar was sanctioned in the year 2016, the works were completed in two long years following an opening ceremony in the year 2018.

After wallowing under negligible state with no student admitted in the hostel for almost two year, the fortune finally laughs on the institution two months ago with the shifting of few students from Langar House. However, the government ordered shut down again on the schools and institutions due to second wave of corona virus outbreak.

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Out of the capacity of 100 students, the hostel at Rajendranagar merely got 25 inmates with most of them are shifted from Langar House and not yet sign-in to the institution.

“The hostel saw opening of campus only two months ago with the shifting of students from Langar House hostel being run in a rented space. We have shifted around 15 to 20 students from Langar House out of the total 50 pupils. With only 4 to 5 new applications in hand for admissions this year, the total strength in the Hostel at Rajendranagar narrow down to nearly 25 students,” informed Mohd.Mohsin, Sr. Assistant & Incharge Hostel welfare Officer Ranga Reddy District.