Friday, December 3, 2021
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GHMC pulls down encroachments on Bahadurpura stretch again

Moving ahead with the drive against encroachments, the GHMC officials today removed incursions over footpaths at Mir Alam filter in Bahadurpura area. On the sideline of ongoing construction works of two bridges, the GHMC has also rolls out the machines to clear off the encroachments over the footpaths on Bahadurpura stretch also known as Bangalore Highway.

Only few months back the GHMC took up drive against the encroachments on roads at Tadban area. It also cleared the encroachments at Aram Ghar yesterday to pave smooth way for the pedestrians.

Several shades, makeshift kiosks and steps were removed during the drive using JCB machines.  This is the continuous part of the drive against encroachments on footpaths. Yesterday the GHMC Officials rolls out machines to clear the encroachment at Aram Ghar. The officials said, the drive against encroachments will continue as the roads on both the sides of Mir Alam Filter became narrowed due to encroachments causing traffic congestion thereby inconvenience to people.

However, aghast over the swift action of the GHMC officials, the owners of the shades and shops, who overran the footpaths, said the drive was taken up without providing them the time to take out their valuables safely. “Leaving other areas untouched, the officials have zeroed down at our area only to remove shades and makeshift boxes,” rued Mukhtar, whose makeshift box at Mir Alam Filter was removed by the GHMC staff.

However, there is an element of plausibility in victims gripe as GHMC officials fails to take on encroachments in Shastripuram area just a kilometer away from Mir Alam Fiter. Incursion into footpaths on both the sides from Shastripuram approach road to Uddamgadda Railway halt made this stretch gasping to breath while shops, shades and even houses have over run the walkway.

“Crores of rupees spent on the footpath projects only to benefit the encroachers. GHMC, unmindful of the hardship of the Taxpayers, is rolling out projects first in the name of development only to provide succor to the wayward people later much to the chagrin of law abiding citizens. No one is questioning the GHMC while only poor people are becoming the primary victim of the civic body,” bemoaned Shoukat Ali, a community activist.