Friday, January 28, 2022
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GHMC slap notice to Mahvir Hospital for collecting parking fee

Taking cognizance of alleged illegal collection of parking fees at Mahavir Hospital Parking area at Masabtank, the GHMC officials have slapped a notice to Hospital Management soon after the issue raised by the complaining on twitter.

Syed Ifteqar Hussain, a complainant who raised the issues, said, “The management of the hospital is charging Rs.30 for parking the car even without assuring security of the automobile. To prove the same he even uploaded the parking fee clip that carries a note from the management that says, “Management is not responsible for your valuables and extra fittings or damage of vehicles as the fees are being collected only to provide space for the vehicles.”

Tagging to Telangana CMO, Zonal Commissioner Khairatabad, Commissioner GHMC, Commissioner of Police and Mahavir Hospital itself, Syed Ifteqar questioned “Whether the collection of parking fee is legal even without assuring the safety of the vehicles in such a reputed hospital of the city.”

Reciprocating the tweet within three hours, the Zonal Commissioner asked the AMOH to inspect immediately and ensure compliance as per the rule. Soon, the officials inspected the parking lot and made an inquiry into the case. The officials even secured the parking tickets and issued notice to the management by summoning the concerned personnel.

Replying on twitter, the GHMC officials of Circle Number 7, mentioned that “Parking tickets have been seized and issued a notice to this effect. The Management will not levy any fee henceforth.”

Expressing gratitude for the swift action by the GHMC, Syed Ifteqar Hussaini said, “The impromptu action of the GHMC helped repose faith in the system. Collection of parking fee from the citizens in hospitals is not at all acceptable as people turn there only in emergency situations to see their loved ones admitted for treatment. Collecting parking fees from people even at this point of time is completely against the ethos of a civilized society,” ruled Ifteqar.