Saturday, September 23, 2023
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“Give BJP one chance”-Amit Shah in Hyderabad

With the nation-wide uproar on the farmers’ strike active in New Delhi and the Haryana-Delhi border, seems like the biggest leaders of the country have chosen their own priority that doesn’t revolve around resolving the cries of the hands that feed the nation.

Amit Shah, the Union Minister of India, visited Hyderabad to participate in the election campaign on the last day for the GHMC polls. The big question remains as to why the Home Minister directed his attention towards a mere Mayor-deciding election while the national capital bleeds in from its farmers’ protests.

He flew to Hyderabad on Sunday where Mr. Shah brought the topic of the recent floods again, making it a support pillar for accusing the current TRS government.

The Centre’s minister asked voters to “give one chance” to BJP to show how they can change the city for its betterment, shifting the city’s rule from alleged “dynasty to democracy” and from “corruption to transparency”.

While in his address to the public he spoke about the riddance from Nawab-Nizam culture and its branches in detail, there was no mention of how the central government is handling the prime growing issue at hand, the farmers’ strike.

“No one will be a second-class citizen”, said Mr. Shah while further mentioning that the BJP after coming into power will not bear “appeasement of any community”.

Slamming the KCR government, he said “all illegal construction will be removed which block water exits” to ensure that Hyderabad “never gets floods again”.

“We follow the news as well. We did not see the Chief Minister oversee rescue operations or meet with officials or do on-ground inspections with MLAs. Where was he when Hyderabad was drowning?” Mr. Shah asked.

Trying to sound sarcastic through a dig at the alleged secret alliance of AIMIM and TRS, the Union Minister said, “We don’t mind if the TRS is friends with AIMIM but why are they not open about it? Why do they do ilu, ilu (“I love you”) behind closed doors?”

He went on to speak about the “unholy alliance” between the two parties by which they managed to secure 5 seats in Bihar and added about the alleged protection being given to “Rohingyas and Pakistani infiltrators” for increasing the vote bank.

Upon questions of failed action on the sneers of KTR and Mr. Owaisi regarding the Home Minister’s lack of attention in these matters, Mr. Shah said that “they never let” him “take any action” as they apparently ignite chaos in the Parliament when talks of action are started.

On the central side, Mr. Shah had asked for a conditional discussion with the farmers that dint go well with them as the farmer’s body turned down the offer collectively following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Man Ki Baat session where he supported the new farm laws.

The farmer’s body also stated that the “conditions” put forth by the Union Minister where he wanted the protesting farmers to shift to a designated protest site if they needed a discussion prior to December 3rd was not right as their woes should have been dealt with “open hearts”, not any preconditions.

Though Mr. Shah assured the protestors that their problem will be heard and deliberated, he urged them to shift to another spot that many speculate is the way to let the protest continue with the designated new place acting as a peace furnisher to the central government.

Without reaching a conclusion or even getting remotely close to a solution, Amit Shah stepped out of Delhi to land in Hyderabad for campaigning for BJP’s run in Hyderabad municipal elections.

Taking a dig at the opposition who raised questions at BJP’s sudden deep interest in the mayoral race through the deployment of its biggest leaders, he said BJP does not consider any election to be “small”, while further adding, “Those who called this gully (a narrow street) election forgot to clean the gully. That is why they are in trouble now.”

Swept off their feet in delight with the Dubakka bypolls win, BJP directed its motives towards fetching victory in the GHMC elections as well, ultimately getting its hands on the general elections of 2024.

Through a strong public appearance and campaigning strategy in Hyderabad, BJP will also attract heavy points for presenting its case in another southern state, Tamil Nadu’s assembly elections scheduled for early 2021.

The GHMC poll voting is set to begin on December 1st while the results will be announced on December 4th.