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Groupism in BJP’s state unit left central leadership on tenterhooks

While the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at national level is trying to make inroads into several states with its alleged divide and rule policy, the escalating rift in its Telangana state unit is said to have left the party’s central leadership on tenterhooks.

It is said that the party’s Telangana unit is facing an internal rift as infighting among the leaders has ramped up ahead of the elections while the growing groupism too puts the central leadership in a hole.

It is learnt that the party’s state unit has divided into four leaders and forty groups that store up trouble for the national leaders that found dreaming to make inroads into the Telangana region in the proposed general elections scheduled to be held in the month of December this year.

It is said that voices against the loud-mouth party President Bandi Sanjay have been growing every day in the party. Needless to say that Bandi Sanjay is facing opposition in the party ever since he joined the saffron fold.

After receiving some support from the national leadership for strengthening the party’s position in Telangana state, It is said that Sanjay took the state leaders for granted and forced his say over others that led to groupism in the party.

Most of the senior leaders in the state unit are reportedly not happy with the way Sanjay is leading the party. This was witnessed when the party leaders lined-up against Sanjay when he made derogatory remarks against BRS ML K.Kavitha recently when she was summoned by the ED for questioning into Delhi Liquor scam. The senior BJP leaders like Chandrashakher and fire brand party MP D.Arvind raised a banner of revolt against Sanjay over his despicable remarks.

It is noteworthy to mention that the whole women folk in the state hit the roads and protested against the remark made by Bandi Sanjay against K.Kavitha. The Women Commission too slapped a notice to BJP leaders for outraging the modesty of a women legislature. While the state BJP unit faced the wrath of the people from all sections due to the incident, it might also upset the party’s central leadership who is perceiving the proposed elections as the best opportunity to make inroads into telangana.

However, regardless of the whole gamut of opposition, the party leadership extended the term of Sanjay as party chief of the Telangana Unit that reportedly upsets the other senior leaders like G.Kishan Reddy, MP D.Arvind, MLAs Etala Rajender and Raghunandan Rao who were all optimistic about getting the post.