Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Heavy rains bring back the fear of ‘Foot and Mouth Disease’ among cattle again

Incessant and intermittent rains in the city purportedly across the state just a week ahead of the Eid-ul-Adha festival have pressed a panic button among the Muslims about the likely spread of rain-related diseases in animals while they are preparing to perform ‘Qurbani’ – one of the most important tenants of the Islam.

With the intermittent rains, the fear grows of the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) which is highly contagious among the cloven footed cattle that include sheep and goat. As per the studies being published in some of the journals, the Foot and Mouth disease is characterized by blister like lesions on the tongue, nose and lips, on the teats and between the toes which then burst into painful ulcers.

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As in indication, the infected animals sway from one foot to the other due to the tenderness of the feet. Though older cattle usually do not succumb to infection, they suffer a severe illness which leaves them completely emaciated. They might suffer from high fever, stop eating and become lame that may turn into serious health complications among these cattle.

To avoid further spread of the Foot and Mouth Disease, one should avoid purchasing animals from affected areas where any such infection cases were already reported and the susceptible animals should not be transported to the endemic areas. More so, the purchased cattle should be quarantined for atleast 21 days from the other animals in the farm.

To keep the cattle safe from the infection, it is largely suggested that the nearest veterinary officer or para veterinarian should be contacted for early treatment and prevention of further spread of the disease. It is said that Foot and Mouth Disease is endemic in India and would produce serious economic losses to the country.

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Meanwhile, the rain that gradually increasing the intensity with the beginning of this week might took the government by surprise as the fear grows that the positive cases – that shows a sign of declining since a last few weeks, may start convulsing again only to brought the normal life to stand still atleast for more few days or weeks if the situation keep persisting.