Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Heavy security has been deployed for GHMC election

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad Commissioner of Police VC. Sajjanar today said that they have made elaborate security arrangements for the peaceful conduct of Tuesday’s GHMC elections. He said that they had deployed a 13,500 police force for carrying out the security duties.

He also said that the total deployed police force of 10,500 were civil police and the remaining 3000 were armed reserved police. He said that they had provided election training to the police thrice. He said that an office of CI and SI rank had been deployed at normal, sensitive, hypersensitive, and critical police stations.

Speaking to media persons, The Commissioner of Police also said that 38 striking forces, 11 special striking teams 9 CP reserve TRSMA 11 flying squads, 11 static surveillance teams would also discharge their duties. He said that the commissioner has 38 divisions and 2437 polling stations Of which 1,421 polling stations are normal polling stations, 766 sensitive, and 250 are hypersensitive polling stations.

Sajjanar also said that they would monitor the polling stations with the help of 177 mobile parties. He also mentioned that the police had set up 15 border check posts in Hyderabad and 587 licensed guns had been deposited before them by the licensees. (NSS)