Saturday, October 24, 2020
Home Exclusive Himayath Sagar reached to its full capacity after 10 years

Himayath Sagar reached to its full capacity after 10 years

After sounding alarmed in the downstream areas of Himayath Sagar following a remarkable surge in the storage level, the officials of Irrigation Departments today have withdrawn from their decision to open crest gates in order to release the water.

It was on Saturday that the officials of the Irrigation Department decided in precautionary measures to open a few gates of Himayath Sagar as the level was reached up to 1754.90 feet on Saturday night as against the full tank level of 1763.00 feet in the lake. However, with no fresh inflows and rains was recorded on Saturday night, the officials have dropped their plan to open the flood gates but they are on their toes and are meticulously monitoring the situation.

The officials even issued a circular asking the revenue officials to alert people living in downstream areas of the lake and alongside Musi River in order to avoid any mishap. However, the situation may turn volatile if the rains continue to hit the ground in the coming days as there are plenty of days still left to conclude the season.

It is said that the flood-like situation in Himayath agar has been witnessed after a decade as the last time the lake was seen brimmed over is in the year 2010.

Rejoicing with the prevailing situation of the lake – a scenario arises after ten long years, the senior officials of the department are now seen visiting the lake and taking stock of the situation and fresh flows in Himayath Sagar.

Soon after the reports emerged in sections of the media about the flood-like situation in Himayath Sagar, the visitors flocked to the lake to admire the glimpse of a brimmed lake.

“This scene at Himayath Sagar is really captivating. We never witnessed a scene like this in recent years. Hope this trend will continue in the following years as many areas in the city are already facing a shortage of drinking water during the summer season that will approach soon,” said M.A.H.Asif, a software engineer, who visited the lake.