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Hyderabad: SIT looks deeper into TSPSC question paper leak case

According to the latest reports, the Hyderabad police Special Investigation Team (SIT) is looking deeper into the Telangana State Public Service Commission question paper leak case and has arrested 35 people so far.

The SIT team discovered that prime suspects Praveen Kumar, assistant section officer-cum-personal assistant of TSPSC secretary, and Rajasekhar Reddy, TSPSC network administrator, leaked nearly 15 question papers.

“The police team prepared a list of top 100 candidates in each question paper leaked by the suspects and verifying their financial and educational background, call details records and other aspects,” a senior official involved in the investigation said.

In some cases, the police visited the villages where the candidates lived and inquired about their backgrounds. In other cases, police officers visited their work place and enquired about the credentials of the candidates.

“Although it is big and complex task, we are pursuing it. Wherever there was strong evidence against the candidates, we arrested them. In several cases, an amount between Rs 2 lakh to Rs 4 lakh was paid by the candidates to the other suspects who provided the question papers,” said the official.

During their investigation, the police discovered that the middlemen obtained a list of candidates who applied for the TSPSC exam and contacted them after purchasing the question paper from Rajasekhar Reddy and Praveen Kumar.

The Begum Bazaar police had initially filed a case against nine people in connection with the TSPSC and brought them before the court. Praveen Kumar, Rajasekhar Reddy, Renuka – a Hindi pandit – and her husband Dakiya Naik, who works for the rural development department, were among those initially detained.

Rajasekhar had obtained a section officer’s login information and used it to log into the confidential system’s computers and copy question papers onto a pen drive.







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