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Hyderabad Vastu Expert’s Home Robbed of Rs 4 Crore Cash and Property

A huge crime occurred in Hyderabad, when criminals broke into the home of a well-known Vastu expert in Ameerpet and stole cash and property worth Rs 4 crore.

The homeowner, known as V.L.N. Chowdhury, had departed for his hometown on September 12 and returned late Friday night. When he returned, he discovered evidence of a break-in, including a broken door lock and plundered cupboards around the property.

Among the stolen items were 500 grams of gold jewelry, silver products, laptop computers, and a large cash sum of Rs 3.7 crore. Chowdhury told the cops that the money was for the acquisition of new land.

The Madhuranagar police have filed a report and established special teams to investigate.

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