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ICAR-IIMR Develop Innovative Millet Rice-Like Shape for Enhanced Nutrition

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Millet Research (ICAR-IIMR) have developed a revolutionary method for reconstituting millet powder into a rice-like shape.

This novel strategy for increasing the nutritional value of millets involves the inclusion of energy and fiber supplements.

According to B. Dayakar Rao, CEO of Nutrihub, an organization founded by IIMR to promote millet technology, the transformation of millets into the shape of rice is designed to appeal to those who may be apprehensive to ingest millets. The first focus has been on producing’millet rice’ from kodo millets, with ambitions to expand the technique to other millets, potentially changing dietary preferences.

While the procedure has proven to be effective, worries about shelf life have arisen, with the current period set at six months. Ongoing efforts are being made to prolong this term. One major benefit of this method is a 20% reduction in cooking time, providing a convenient choice for individuals accustomed to the speedy preparation associated with rice.

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During a session, B. Dayakar Rao emphasized India’s position as the world’s largest millet producer, accounting for 19% of total millet cultivation area and 20% of global production. The Director of ICAR-IIMR, Tara Satyavathi, underlined the necessity of transitioning from food security to nutrition security, emphasizing the need to focus on more nutritious food options, with millets playing a critical part.

Over the last five years, ICAR-IIMR has successfully incubated 400 millet start-ups, with a further 100 actively incubating at its Rajendranagar location. This campaign is part of a larger push to increase millet intake for better nutrition and health advantages.

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