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IndiGo flight passenger announces he’s covid positive minutes before take-off

While it is a known fact that covid-19 is a very contagious disease, people are still choosing to ignore informing their health condition to others, leaving several at risk. In a similar incident, sources said that a passenger onboard a flight declared that he was covid-19 positive just before the flight departed, inducing the pilot to return to the bay for keeping the rest of the passengers safe. 

The event took place in IndiGo’s flight number 6E-286 on Thursday, which was getting ready to take off from Delhi to its destination Pune. A passenger rose from his seat and said that he has covid-19. He also showed documents to the crew for proving his health status.  

This urged the Airbus 320 Neo’s pilot to radio call the ground controllers at the airport to inform them about the situation. He then made the decision to return.  

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The pilot made an announcement about the situation at hand to all the passengers while asking those sitting on the three rows 6 to 8 of the seats to get down first and occupy the coach for containment soon after the plane reaches the parking bay as the covid-19 positive passenger was sitting on one of the seats in these rows.  

Before the flight could take off again, all the seats had to be disinfected followed by a change of seat covers.  

The passengers waiting for the precautionary measures to be completed in the airplane were given PPE gowns and were asked to keep wearing them for the entire journey.  

Passengers were offered beverages and water by the cabin crew of IndiGo and their deeds were acknowledged and appreciated, sources added.  

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The covid-19 positive passenger was then sent to the covid facility of Safdarjung Hospital situated in south Delhi to avail treatment in an ambulance.  

Since the pandemic took a toll on the lives of the people around the globe and different sectors, aviation became one of the worst-hit fields as mass travel remained shut down due to the fear of the spread of the virus during lockdowns. While some countries have their lockdown processes intact and operating, others have eased certain restrictions, allowing aviation department to come back to life with strict safety protocols in place.  

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