Friday, September 25, 2020
Home Exclusive Is Hyderabad the next Beirut ?

Is Hyderabad the next Beirut ?

Recently the governor of Telangana, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan has shown concern about the safety of the people of Hyderabad as 180 tonnes of ammonium nitrate has been transported from Chennai to Hyderabad. She has shown this concern because of the recent explosive blast in Beirut capital of Lebanon.

Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan through her twitter handle reaches out to the concerned authority and following up the situation and ensuring the safety of the citizens. Some of the twitter users thanked the governor for taking up this issue.
one of the twitter users requested the governor to stop the transportation of this dangerous and explosive chemical and said let not make Hyderabad another Beirut or India another Lebanon.

A heartfelt incident of Lebanon capital that killed over 200 people and injured more than 5000. This incident was caused by an explosion due to ammonium nitrate which was stored at Beirut port. This incident took place on 4th August.

The Telangana industrial department (TID ) has decided to inspect the Salvo explosives and chemicals which are set to receive in 10 truck of ammonium nitrate on Augst 12 to its manufacturing units in Ankireddipally Village in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

According to the managing director of these firm’s SHYAM SUNDER REDDY said that the company has bought the 690 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in February in an auction held in Chennai customs. The company uses these chemicals to make explosives for mining companies like Singareni collieries. He has tried to reduce anxiety over public safety by saying that they have been handling 1500 tonnes of ammonium nitrate every month.

Mr ready also said that ammonium nitrate will be stored in the warehouse of the company as per the safety precautions directed by the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO). As the news was spread that ammonium nitrate is to been transported from Chennai to Hyderabad police officials from Rachakonda commissionerate came to the company and have done the inquiry regarding the company and got to know that the company has necessary permission for receiving the consignment.

The ammonium nitrate which was brought by the salvo explosives was seized in Chennai by the Chennai customs in 2015 after the company imported it from SouthKorea without any proper license. The ammonium nitrate was stored in the sattva container freight station in Chennai after the Beirut blast, the center has asked customs authority to shift the ammonium nitrate and sattva container freight station in Chennai to a safer place 180 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in 10 containers send off to Hyderabad By road on Aug 9, the remaining delivery is also expected in a few days.