Monday, June 14, 2021
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Jalpally Lake area to get its first Miyawaki Garden soon as proposal waiting for a nod

To promote the Jalpally Lake on the city outskirts as a tourist spot, the authorities of Jalpally Municipality have planned to develop a Miyawaki Garden on the land abutting the water body soon. It is said the proposal has already been prepared and has been placed before the committee for approval.

“A proposal to raise Miyawaki garden on 3.5 acres of land abutting Jalpally Lake has already been prepared and has been placed before the committee to get the nod. We are hopeful that the proposal will get the approval soon that will help us to ground the project which would be first of its kind in Jalpally Municipality,” informed N.Kistaiah, Assistant Engineer Jalpally Municipality.

The Miyawaki method is named after Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. It is a unique technique to grow forests. This way, a variety of native species can be grown in the same area, close to each other which ensures the plants receive sunlight only from the top and grow upwards rather than sideways.

Sharing the boundaries between Rajendranagar and Jalpally, this blissful lake that spreads over several kilometers, is wallowing in a negligible state as brazen encroachments have already shrunk the lake area to a large extent. Witnessing a large scale of encroachments over the water body, the officials have taken up fencing work at the lake off-late and are meticulously planning to promote the surrounding area as a tourist spot by developing gardens.

It is said that an approval to promote a park on the banks of Jalpally lake was also mooed two years ago but not yet come into being while several acres of land earmarked for the same is gradually turning into dumping yard as heaps of garbage carting away from surrounding areas are being dumped consistently on the site.

Due to the large scale of encroachments and the dumping of garbage persistently, this site located only stone through away from the Jalpally Lake is wallowing in a neglected state which once known for its crystal clear water.

“There was a proposal to develop a park on 191 acres of land abutting the Lake with an outlay of around Rs.200 crores but has struck with controversy as few people raise an objection to such proposal claiming ownership over the land. Since then the proposal is pending with the HMDA,” informed the Chairmen Jalpally Municipality Abdallah Sadi.