Friday, March 5, 2021
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JUH repairs mosque destroyed during 2020’s Delhi riots

The riots that shook the national capital last year also left behind destroyed religious places. One of the damaged monuments, the Jannati Mosque situated in Northeast Delhi that marks a year this month of the incident has been repaired.  

The Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (JUH) restored the Gokulpuri mosque whose pictures had taken the internet by storm in 2020 after rioters created havoc in the area and damaged it.  

On instructions of Maulana Arshad Madani, the volunteers and members of the association joined hands to help all the people affected by the riots, irrespective of their religious background.  

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The mosque completed its third stage of renovation work for all the 4 floors it houses on Monday. Following the repair work, the mosque was handed over to the locals of the region.  

The miscreants had destroyed another area in Delhi during the riots- a cemetery in Jyoti Nagar. 4 walls of the cemetery that were shattered have also been repaired. Apart from this, 30 houses were recently constructed in Bhagirati Vihara and Krawal Nagar. These new abodes were also handed over to the respective people.  

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Recalling the terrible times, Maulana Madani said, “The riots were horrific and planned. The role of the police and the administration during the riots has been dubious.” He added that the government cannot run away from being accountable for the planned mayhem. 

The Delhi riots that created commotion last year had arrests in connection with the same. Over a hundred people were taken into custody through a facial recognition system (FRS), according to the Commissioner of Delhi Police, S N ShrivastavaOf the 1,818 arrested people, 231 were arrested by using modern-day technology.  

“Of 231 such arrests, 137 persons were identified through our facial recognition system. The FRS was matched with police criminal records, and many accused were caught. Over 94 accused were identified and caught with help of their driving licence photos and other information,” the Commissioner said during the annual police conference on Friday.  

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As per reports, 53 people were murdered while at least 581 others got injuries and 755 FIRs got lodged during the 2020 riots.