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Kanpur Man Returns Home From Pakistan After 28 Years

Kanpur: When Shamsuddin returned to his home after 28 years, it took some time for emotions to burst out. And when the emotions did burst out, there was no stopping.

As tears ran down his weather-beaten cheeks, the long years of torment, torture, and suffering faded away.

A happy Shamsuddin met his sobbing daughters, and his sister lost consciousness shortly after seeing the 70-year-old after so long. There was a Diwali-like environment in the whole area where he lived.

Shamsuddin got back to his home in Kanpur, late on Sunday evening, after spending 28 years in Pakistan, where he was later imprisoned on charges of espionage.

Shamsuddin had left his home 28 years ago after a conflict with some family members. He traveled to Pakistan at the invitation of an acquaintance and remained there. He managed to get fake documents to get citizenship and afterward brought his family over and started his business.

Following a couple of years, Shamsuddin sent his family back. He was caught when he went to get his passport renewed and was sent off to prison for forging documents.

When he finished his sentence, he was given back to the Indian Army that kept him in the mandatory quarantine.

He was at last brought to Kanpur on Sunday night. After a short meeting with the family, he was taken away by the Kanpur police for routine questioning.

HT’s sister website Live Hindustan quoted Shamsuddin as saying, “For us, this Diwali has become memorable. My daughter was also born in Diwali… Her prayers are over.”

His younger brother Fahim expressed his happiness, “For us, it is important that he is back. The past is behind us and we will look for a new future.”

Shamsuddin, a shoemaker by profession, was taken into custody in Pakistan in 2012. He spent eight long years in a Pakistani jail after been charged for espionage activity.


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