Thursday, November 26, 2020
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KTR promised to protect Hyderabad brand image

Hyderabad: TRS working president and Municipal Minister, KT Rama Rao today promised to protect Hyderabad’s brand image and said continue efforts to be made for its rapid growth.

About Rs 2 lakh cr investments came to the state for its best policies, and support by the government he claimed.

Addressing the “Brand Hyderabad Future Ready” program at HICC in Hyderabad the minister has stated that the stable government will protect Hyderabad brand image, law and order, and peace.

The state government is ensuring peace in the city which is on a growth the minister said. He also said that the people of all religions are staying here like brothers avoiding any differences as peace prevails due to better services by all officials.

The minister has appreciated the officials for ensuring the world-famous Amazon preferred Hyderabad over Bengaluru and set its biggest business entity here. The government has done better and will do more in the future as development is a continuing process.

The development mantra is, relying on digitalization decentralization, and decarburization. As the KCR leadership offers complete security and the best policies several world-class companies and businesses coming to Hyderabad to invest. We will provide all facilities and hassle-free mechanisms for these world-class companies he added.

We offer a big push for electric vehicles to protect the environment. Already the life sciences, pharma, and aerospace sectors are doing well with better human resources and transparent policies by the government he said.

Investments doubled in the state and 40 percent of investments have been put in place. The government will ensure a peaceful atmosphere and investments for the development of the state.



source (NSS)