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Mastermind Amit Anand Confesses: “I Leaked NEET Paper a Day Before Exam for Rs 30-32 Lakh”

In a shocking revelation, Amit Anand, the alleged mastermind behind the recent NEET paper leak case, has reportedly made a confession that has sent shockwaves across the nation.

According to his confession, Amit Anand admitted to orchestrating the leak of the NEET question paper a day prior to the actual examination, as reported. He disclosed that candidates were provided with the leaked question paper and answers on the eve of the exam and were instructed to memorize the solutions overnight.

Astonishingly, Anand revealed that the price for obtaining the question paper ranged from Rs 30-32 lakh. This revelation has triggered widespread outrage and protests throughout the country, with mounting calls for the cancellation of the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (Undergraduate) 2024 and a demand for a re-examination.

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The number of arrests in connection with the NEET paper leak scandal has reached 13, with one of the detained individuals identified as a Junior Engineer named Sikandar from the Danapur Municipality.

Amit Anand’s confession further revealed that burnt remains of the question paper and answer sheet were discovered at his residence, solidifying the evidence against him. He also confessed to having engaged in similar leaks in the past, shedding light on the extent of corruption within the examination system.

The case against Amit Anand has been registered at the Shastrinagar police station in Patna, Bihar, where he allegedly confessed to his culpability during interrogation.

Originating from Munger district in Bihar, Amit Anand resided in a rented apartment in AG Colony, Patna, from where he conducted his operations.

“I went to meet Junior Engineer Sikandar at the Danapur Municipal Corporation office for some personal work… I divulged to Sikandar my ability to procure leaked papers for competitive exams and assist candidates in passing them. Subsequently, Sikandar expressed his interest in aiding NEET aspirants and agreed to the terms of payment,” revealed Amit Anand in his confession.

In a related incident, Anurag Yadav, a National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) candidate, has been arrested in connection with result irregularities after confessing that the leaked question paper he had been provided matched the actual exam paper.

Yadav admitted to receiving the leaked NEET question paper and its answers beforehand. Surprisingly, the question paper he encountered during the actual exam matched the leaked one provided by his uncle, according to his signed confession letter.

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