Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Mayor’s post out of sight for both national parties

Hyderabad: The high hopes of the two national political parties, Congress and the BJP, to grab the Mayor’s post, were dashed to the ground as the ruling party TRS has won the majority seats in the GHMC elections. counting of votes was completed today.

Both the BJP and the Congress party leaders exuded confidence over winning the prestigious Mayor post and campaigned intensely with the aim of winning the majority of seats. The BJP, the ruling party at the Centre, took it as a prestige issue and half-a-dozen Central ministers, the Chief Minister of U.P., former chief minister of Maharashtra also campaigned for the victory of the party in the election. The TRS, however, bagged the majority of seats, while the BJP came second.

The Congress lost in the election, winning not even a handful of divisions. The high voltage campaign by its leaders Uttam Kumara reddy and others proved of no use at all for the party candidates.

The MIM party, however, retained its position in the old city, though it lost a few divisions compared to the last election.