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‘Million March’ a decisive voice against totalitarian rule: TMS

Remembering the resolute success of million march in Hyderabad two years ago on January 4, 2020, against the introduction of draconian laws like NRC, CAA, and NPR to target the Muslim community, Mushtaq Malik, The Chief of Tahreek Muslim Shabban (TMS) said, “This way of unified fight against the totalitarian system has actually broken all the previous records of public movements.”

Recalling a blow-by-blow account of the movement in a video appearance he said, “It is indeed a historic day not only for the Muslims of Telangana or erstwhile Deccan state but for all the communities irrespective of religion. The march not only broke previous records of public movements against the system but secured a place among the revolutions that made the governments sweeps under the carpet with their evil agendas.”

“All the big media houses based at Gulf countries, Europe and America almost from all parts of the globe has covered the program throughout the day,” he said adding that “This march represents the unified voice of people from all the communities like Muslims, Dalits, Christians, Shiks and secular class Hindus that makes this movement an unparalleled public discourse among all against the ruling government.”

Soon after the draconian laws were mooted by the government, Mushtaq Malik recalled that “Tahreek Muslim Shabban gave a clarion call that brought at least 40 organizations that championing the cause of Muslims under one umbrella thereby formed a Joint Action Committee (JAC) to stoke up a movement.”

“Though we have lost few of our foot soldiers of JAC such as Moulana Abdul Mughni, Moulana Naseeruddin, Mohammed Azeemuddin, Fateh Alam Khan and Mohammed Abdul Ghani (of Nizamabad) during the last two years, the movement remained stood as a stepping stone for us despite the upheavals we have lived through all these years,” he asserted.

Deploring hate-mongering episodes orchestrating one after another by the Hindu fringe groups in the country, the TMS chief rued that, “Neither the PM nor the local administration tried to utter a word against the evil-minded speakers of Dharam Sansad for spewing venom against the Muslim community.”

He lauded few of those army officials and Supreme Court advocates who came out openly to condemn the Dharam Sansad episode wherein speakers, in a display of morbid mentality, have given a call for genocide of Muslims in the country.