Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Mujtaba Helping Foundation, an NGO with a sense of purpose

Chinning up the hope among the neglected community of the society in a chilling winter season, the Mujtaba Helping Foundation has made a humane gesture by distributing ‘warm pillows’ and ‘nighties’ among them inmates of old age homes in the city.

“Today, we have distributed around 200 pillows and nighties among the inmates of Aramghar home for disabled, Aramghar crossroads and Shifa old age home Hassan Nagar. Around 100 pillows were distributed at Aramghar while another 100 nighties and pillows were provided to inmates of Saifa Old age home Hassan Nagar,” informed Shaikh Mohd. Mustafa, President Mujtaba Helping Foundation.

Explaining that the NGO is keenly working with an aim to serve people desperately in need of help especially when they are at receiving end due to ailments and costly treatments, he said, “We are rendering the service for the wellbeing of humanity and will continue this to bring succor to the people desperately in need of such gestures in the future too.”

There are at least 90 disabled, destitute, and old age citizens living in Aramghar, a home for the disabled while Saifa old age home carries around 100 inmates who were left abandoned by their own families. These facilities need the attention of affluent families especially during stiff seasons like winter.

Taking a Dig at Aramghar home for disabled, Sai Prasad Shastry, IRS and a community activist, said, “Due to lack of proper patronage and sufficient funds from the government, the disabled home at Aramghar left in a shamble as the main structure build-up with thatched roof amid dry bushes, gives a haunted look while the broken and dilapidated compound wall also make it completely unsafe for the inmates.”


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