Friday, November 27, 2020
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Muslim clerics in Hyderabad calls for Boycott of French products

In the wake of growing calls for the boycott of French products in the Middle East and other Muslim countries following the profanity-laden statement of French President Emmanuel Macron against Islam, the same sentiments grew stronger here in Hyderabad as Muslim scholars are now calling a similar ban in the city.

“All the religious, public and political figures of Muslim community should write and represent to the French Embassy in India condemning the statement of President Emmanuel Macron that has triggered a violence and protest all over the world. Beside this, there should be a complete boycott of French products in the markets to mark our protest against the anti-Islam attitude being adopted by this western European country,” said, Dr. Qazi Syed Shah Samiullah Hussaini Bandanawazi, Legal Advisor, Kul Hind Jamiatul Mashaikh & Vice President, Mohsin -e- Insaniyat Foundation.

Dr. Bandanawazi further said, “There should be a strong condemnation of the anti Islam actions at government level in France as well as that of present President Emmanuel Macron. This sort of thing will not be tolerated by the Muslims of the World. Muslim World, especially the Muslims in Hyderabad city should boycott all the products of the France till they mend their ways.”

“In the name of criticizing extremism, the French President himself behaves like an extremist. Instead of reining in over the refractory attitude of the Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical weekly magazine featuring cartoons, the President himself supporting their nefarious ideology and tirade against the Islam. What right does France have to carry out business or sell its goods in countries whom it harbored such a grudge and intransigent attitude?” asked Joint secretary Kul-Hind Jamaiyat-ul-Mashaiq Moulana Abul Fateh Syed Bandagi Badshah Quadri.

“Instead of behaving as a responsible citizen of the country and a global leader, the French President Emmanuel Macron has displayed his profanity-laden tirade against Islam. As such it is a primary responsibility of the Muslims in the city to avoid products being produced, prepared and processed in French companies and is available in the shelves of markets around us,” Said Mufti Omer Abubakar Al-Mallahi Al-Hussaini, Vice President, Majma-Ul Imam As-Shafai Al-aalami.

“The boycott should be peaceful and voluntary. There should be a continued and concerted approach on social media platforms to bring awareness among the Muslims to boycott French products being up for grab in city markets. This boycott should not be limited to Middle East as the French President has hurt the sentiments of Muslims across the world and the response should be in a similar volume,” said Dr.Hafiz Sayed Murtuza Ali Sufi Quadri, Secretary Sayyed-us-Sufiya Academy, Hydferabad.

In the name of freedom of speech, he said, one cannot discuss debate or criticise about holocaust. “Similarly we need a law wherein people should not be able to discuss or criticise prophet Muhammad (PBUH) using freedom of speech as exception thereby resort to blasphemy,” he contended.

“There should be a complete boycott of French goods in the city and all Muslims must come forward to insure the success of this campaign. The French president deliberately hurt the sentiments of Muslims despite of knowing that Muslims world won’t tolerate profanity against Prophet Muhammed (PBUH),” said Syed Shah Nadeemullah Hussaini, Sajjadanasheen and Executive Member Kul-Hind Jamayyat-ul-Mashaiq.