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‘Mystery Disease’ clutches Andhra Pradesh’s 380 residents, killing 1.

After covid-19, 2020 seems to be unlocking more of its hidden threats as Andhra Pradesh witnesses a mystery disease that has caught on to over 380 people till now, killing one. The cause of the disease hasn’t been found yet.

The worrisome incident was brought to light after dozens of people rushed to the Eluru government hospital in the West Godavari district of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh with the same symptoms.

Notably, none of the symptoms relate majorly to any known infection, not even covid-19, which is even more dreadful to realize.

Out of the 380 people registered with the symptoms till now, 150 of them are hospitalized due to the severity of their condition.

A 45-year-old man, identified as Sridhar of Vidyanagar locality of Eluru, AP, has reportedly died of the mystery disease. The body was taken back by the officials, after it was handed over to his family members, for conducting an autopsy on it to find the reason for the lesser-known illness.

Although the causative factor of the disease isn’t known, patients reporting with the infection are presenting with seizures, epileptic attacks, convulsions, neurological issues, vomiting, nausea and frothing near the mouth.

These fit-like symptoms are the same in all age groups and genders, leaving very little to diagnose the disease correctly, as told by State Health Commissioner K Bhaskar Rao.

The Eluru government hospital, which is treating the patients of the symptoms for now as they aren’t able to pinpoint on an exact reason, said, “Since Sunday night, another 28 patients were admitted to the hospital, including five patients on Monday morning. So far, 180 patients were discharged after being treated for symptoms.”

In order to check up on the officials of the health centre and the patients, Chief Minister flew down to the hospital. Former CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu urged the government to declare a health emergency in Eluru in view of the expanding geography of the disease.

Looking at the symptoms, doctors believed the cause to be either Encephalitis or a water contamination issue.

However, not only Japanese Encephalitis but even Dengue, Hepatitis and Rabies were ruled out after further understanding. Mr. Rao stated that none of the patients tested positive for covid-19 as well that leaves doctors in a difficult situation of finding the exact source of the disease.

As for the water contamination, out of the 62 ward secretariats present in Eluru, all the patients are from 34 of them and might have consumed the same water. Yet, despite all tests, the water was proven to be safe for use. None of the 27 heavy metals was present in the water and the impurities too were found to be within the permissible range.

As such, the authorities have asked for the help of WHO (World Health Organization), ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and AIIMS (All-India Institute of Medical Sciences) and their teams have started the work of looking at the collected samples, Mr. Rao said while adding that experts from Hyderabad-based organisations-National Institute of Nutrition, India, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Indian Institute of Chemical Technology- are also working on the same.

Blood, urine and CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) samples have shown no sign of complications and doctors await the culture reports sent earlier to deduce a cause. To report and avail necessary relief, a 24×7 control room has been set up in the region. Borders of the region haven’t been closed yet.