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New CCTV footage shows Sahil talking to a friend at the crime spot hrs before the brutal murder

Another CCTV footage has surfaced, showing Sahil, the accused in the brutal murder of his alleged girlfriend in Delhi on Sunday evening, engaged in conversation with a friend at the exact location just minutes before the victim, Sakshi, arrived.

In the video, Sahil is seen talking to one Akash at the same spot where he later killed the teen.

Sahil speaks to Akash for about a moment before the man walks away, the video shows. Sahil appeared to be waiting there for the teen girl, officials said.

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The girl was on her way to the birthday party of her friend’s son when she was attacked, the police said.

The video captures Sahil conversing with Akash at the location where he later murdered the teenager.

According to the video, Sahil talks to Akash briefly before the latter walks away. Officials stated that Sahil seemed to be waiting for the teenage girl at that spot.

The accused Sahil, who works as a Fridge-AC repairing mechanic was nabbed from his aunt’s house in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

A video of the brutal murder is also doing the rounds on social media. In the video, Sahil, who is wearing a blue t-shirt, can be seen stabbing the girl. In the video, around seven to eight bystanders are present, standing and observing as he stabs her.

A man wearing a dark red-colored shirt attempts to intervene, but Sahil pushes him away. In the video, Sahil continues to stab the girl while also issuing threats to the bystanders, causing them to disperse.

After stabbing her, Sahil kicks the girl multiple times and then strikes her with a boulder five times. He then briefly leaves the scene but returns shortly. He strikes the girl with the boulder once again, kicks her multiple times, and then finally departs, as per the video.

“The deceased was on her way to attend the birthday of her friend’s son when Sahil intercepted her and brutally killed her. A case under section 302 (murder) of the IPC has been registered on the complaint of the victim’s father,” the official added.






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