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Newborn baby girl found abandoned in Moosapet

With the spike in the rate of crimes against women, the country witnessed another incident on Friday when a baby girl was found abandoned in a secluded place in Hyderabad’s moosapet Kukatpally area.

With no claim of the baby girl so far, the police suspect the parents dumped the child to get rid of her.

She was found by some local residents of Moosapet when they heard cries of a girl found an abandoned baby girl. They rushed to rescue her and simultaneously informed the police of the incident. The Kukatpally police station cops arrived at the location close to the petrol pump of Moosapet in the mobile patrol vehicle upon getting alerted.

The infant was soon shifted to the police station. She was given a fresh bath and changed into new clothes soon after reaching. She also went through a medical checkup to rule out any illnesses and was then given to the officials of ShishuVihar situated in Ameerpet. The police said that the baby did not show any visible wounds or injuries and her checkup was done successfully with no sign of any condition. They further said her health was soundly stable.


On the investigating side, the Kukatpally police filed a case and are now probing into the matter. According to them, the CCTV cameras of the adjoining areas are being checked to recover the video footage of the time the baby was dumped to identify the parents and launch a search hunt for them.

There have been a number of cases of abandonment of infants for the fact of them being girls. The growing incidents have only gained a bad name for India as many people despise a girl being born in their family while the birth of a son marks a grand celebration.

According to a survey, 11 out of 17 infants found in Hyderabad were girls. On September 7th, a newborn girl child was found by some sanitization workers carrying on their work at the government maternity hospital of Koti. Her screams were heard by the workers who brought her to the police station. She was later handed over to the ShishuVihar officials. One of the workers wanted to adopt the baby girl as she said that she didn’t have children for 11 years. The police, however, asked her to follow the adoption procedures and go-ahead to adopt the girl.

Earlier in August, another was found by a dog. When people noticed the stray dog carrying the baby, they shouted in shock, which made the dog drop her and run away. In 2019, a newborn baby girl was found with the umbilical cord still attached to her.




source: ytn staff