Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Osman Nagar, a Complex Theory with Unending Misery of the Affected People

Though the rains have swept into the carpet, atleast for now, but Osman Nagar area keeps floating over the flood water as most of the houses are remain inundated into knee-deep level and what is obvious is the misery of the people who until the deluge have never thought of such suffering in their wildest dream. Thanks to the local leaders who pioneered an unplanned habitation over the years that cast a heavy shadow on the people who believed them blindfolded.

Besides Osman Nagar, few other colonies like Saif Colony, Habeeb Colony, Saif Colony Phase-II, Abdallah Yahya Nagar, American Township in Jalpally area, and also the Venkatapur area on Badangpet side are the most affected parts hit by the deluge and the consistent rains. All these colonies together carry around six thousand houses encompassing the lake.

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“We have purchased the land here and are paying the taxes properly on time ever since we constructed the houses. We never thought in our wildest dream that we were put to such a hardship after finding an abode here close to the water body. The situation has remained unchanged for almost a year as we never saw the surface out of the inundated water ever since the flood drove us out from our houses last year,” said Amjad Ahmed Khan resident of Saif-II Colony, Osman Nagar.

There were people saying that a canal root of Osman Nagar Lake was opened by the authorities to drain out the storm water that inundated the nearby houses. However, the fact is that the water remains static at the very point of the open root and not even moving an inch down to make an impact over the affected areas. As long as the water is kept static at the canal, the storm water taking refuge at Osman Nagar colony will not move everywhere else,” bemoaned Jahangir, a resident of Osman Nagar area.

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“While the intermittent inflows from upstream areas keep filling the Osman nagar Lake, the consistent rains also make the houses vulnerable of untoward incidents and calamities as the foundations of the structures are getting weekend every moving day due to constant inundation. Poor people can’t afford living in rented houses as the pandemic has already snatched their source of earning while the deluge robs them with whatever wherewithal they have left in their houses. We request the Minister P.Sabitha Indra Reddy to resolve the issue soon and expedite the efforts to drain out the water from the area so the people could live in their houses peacefully as the rainy season is also lurking them mercilessly,” said Taher Affari, a prominent activist of the area.