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Panchayat Secretary And 11 Others Arrested For Buring 150 Dogs Alive In karnataka

In the latest update from Karnataka, the police have arrested 12 people in connection with buying 150 stray dogs alive at a village. The incident happened at the village of Shivamogga district. The arrestees include a gram panchayat secretary as well.

Arrestees Charged With Injecting Stray Dogs With Poison 

The incident came to the light on September 7. The police has arrested people who allegedly injected poison into stray dogs. The arrestees include two members of gram panchayat, a secretary and bill collector of the Kambadalu-Hosur gram panchayat, and a JCB operator.

As per the reports, the gram panchayat gave the task of catching and sterilising stray dogs within panchayat limits to the private contractors. The issue was proposed in a meeting and the budget was fixed for the exercise.

As per the instructions of the meeting, the contractor was supposed to catch the stray dogs and release them once they have been sterilised.

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However, the police said that the members of the panchayat including the secretary and others conspired to plan and execute injecting the dogs (reportedly) with poison and then burying them alive.

Following this, the villagers and animal activists lodged a complaint. The police informed that they have received post-mortem report for 60 dogs. The villagers and the animal activists have lodged a complaint against the same.

The villagers and animal activists lodged a complaint. The skin, hair and liver samples have been sent to Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL).

20 Dogs Found Dead In UP

This comes after, 20 dogs were found dead in Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba. An FIR was registered with the police over an unidentified person. Reports suggest that the dogs were fed poison mixed with bread.
The dead dogs were strays and have been buried.