Friday, December 3, 2021
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People, Vendors Relief in Lockdown, Led to Traffic Jams

As lockdown extended till June 9 by the government and gave relaxation of timings till 1 pm the people and small-time businessmen and vendors could breathe a heave of relief.

They did more business than before to get essential commodities and earn more money.
However, traffic jams that occurred at several places in the city gave a tough time to the police.

More movement of people till 1 pm and getting back led to traffic jams at various locations in the city. The Government gave time till 1 pm to purchase essential commodities and return homes by 2 pm.

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Though this gave a reprieve relaxation gives a tough time to traffic police to regulate traffic. This time around the people, workers able to purchase essential commodities, medicines, and complete works.

The top cops and police personnel at several places in the city have made a field visit. They instruct people to follow Corona protocols and lockdown timings.  Violation of norms by people led to the filing of cases and imposing penalties.

The police warn of serious action against violators and allowed them to move following Corona protocols. They appealed to people to stay home and be safe until the lockdown is complete.

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According to information, the police allowed essential services, registration works as allowed by the government.  Following new guidelines, the police filed cases against people vehicle users for violating norms.