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Police named ‘Hindu Maha Sabha’ behind cow slaughter incident to fan communal unrest in Agra

It appears that the Hindu fringe groups are allegedly accustomed to find a casus belli especially during the Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti and other festivals to create unrest in the country and a latest report emerging from Uttar Pradesh provides conclusive evidence squarely pointing towards the same threat.

After the communal flare-up in Bihar and West Bengal, some members of a Hindu fringe group tried to fan the flames of communal violence in the Agra City in Uttar Pradesh. However, timely detention of the accused by the local police prevented a major conflict between the two communities that, if detected lately, would have put the peace of the area into jeopardy and may have cost the human lives too.

According to reports, the Agra police apprehended the members of Hindu Maha Sabha who conspired to fan communal violence in the city by slaughtering a cow. The incident happened at Goutam Nagar area under Etemad-ud-Doula Police Station limits in the city.

According to police, the Hindu fringe group Akhil Bharat Hindu Maha Sabha planned to disturb communal harmony by slaughtering a cow. The members of the saffron organisation even hold a protest demanding arrest of the accused only to hoodwink the police. However, after a thorough inquiry, the police exposed the real culprits involved in the case and announced that the Hindu Maha Sabha is the plotter behind the whole conspiracy.

The police arrested a few members of the Hindu Maha Sabha and reportedly arraigned the National Spokesperson Sanjay Jaat as key accused in the case. DCP Suraj Roy produced the accused before the media and brief about the case. ACP Araik Singh too was presented at the occasion. Earlier, the police booked a few youths in the case but later freed them from the charges.

Meanwhile, refuting the allegations Sanjay Jaat said he was wrongly framed under the charges. He and other leaders of the organization were framed by the police as part of a conspiracy and explained that they reached the spot only after knowing about the incident.

He even threatened to organise an aggressive campaign against their indictment in the case and, if need, will take the issue to the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.