Friday, July 19, 2024
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Police warns against fraud in the name of Corona vaccine

Hyderabad: Police officers have launched a campaign to warn the people against possible frauds in the name of the Covid-19 vaccine.

There are reports in the media of late about the availability of vaccines of different pharmaceutical companies of different countries, including India in the Cong weeks/months.

Taking advantage of these reports,  unscrupulous elements might reset to frauds to make easy money. So,  be vigilant and don’t believe in messages,  phone calls, and links in the name of supplying the vaccine on a priority basis,  said the Commissioner of Police,  Rachakonda,  Mahesh Bhagawat, on Twitter.

He stated that cybercrimes are taking place in different forms and the fraudsters are inventing new tricks to cheat the people and even the educated persons are becoming victims of such frauds.

“Corona vaccine is coming soon.  We will supply the vaccine to You First.  Register immediately paying Money”.  One might get this type of SMS,  Phone call,  link,  etc.  Don’t believe such messages,  cautioned the police official. The official is using social media to spread this message as part of their campaign to create awareness among the people.



source (NSS)