Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Rajendranagar Tops The List of Shadi Mubarak Beneficiaries

Since the number of slums in Rajendranagar is high compared to any other area, the quantum of beneficiaries too is high when it comes to benefiting through Shadi Mubarak and Kalyana Laxmi schemes the flagship programs of the Telangana Government being introduced to help poor parents solemnise the marriage of their daughters.

During the last six months nearly 1340 applications submitted in MRO Office Rajendranagar under both the format most of them to avail Shadi Mubarak scheme.  This shows that nearly 225 applications are being submitted every month in the mandal revenue office Rajendranagar under both the schemes.

Rajedranagar constituency largely constitutes of five GHMC wards such as Suleman Nagar, Shastripuram Rajendranagar, Attapur, and Mylardevpally. Among these five wards Suleman Nagar, Shastripuram and part of Attapur have most number of slums areas also thickly populated with poor Muslim families.

According to officials, only April and July saw a whopping Rs.10.60 crore amount distribution among 1062 beneficiaries of both the schemes that mostly belongs to areas such as Suleman Nagar, Hassanagar, Mahmood Nagar, Indra Nagar, Wadi-e-Mahmood, Kishori Masjid, Chintelmet and part of Kishanbagh known as densely populated slums under Rajendranagar constituency.

Out of a total 1062 beneficiaries, 797 members get benefitted with Shadi Mubarak scheme while the rest of 265 members covered under Kalyana Laxmi scheme. However, this amount is excluded from the dole of Rs.2.53 crore being distributed on October 8, benefitting another 260 members of the same area.

According to MRO Rajenranagar K.Chandrasekhar “Out of the 260 beneficiaries who got their cheques during a program on October 8, a total of 180 covered under Shadi Mubarak scheme while another 80 received the dole through Kalyana Laxmi scheme.”

The cheque distribution program witnessed the presence of MLA Rajendranaga T.Prakash Goud, Corporators of Attapur and Rajendranagar, MRO K.Chandrasekhar and other revenue officials and staff besides the number of family members of the beneficiaries.