Sabita advises visitors not to present bouquets, but books

September 11th, 2019

Hyderabad: Education Minister P Sabita Indrareddy today said people in the State should know about the matters pertaining to Telangana history, culture and the State Library Organization (Grandhalaya Samstha) should take an initiative in this regard.

Sabita Reddy wanted the visitors coming and wishing her on becoming minister should not present flower bouquets but books. She has accepted the first book from State Grandhalaya Samstha Chairman Ayachitam Sridhar. He presented “Ujwala Prasthanam”, a book written by CM PRO Gatika Vijay Kumar. Sabita said she felt happy that she received “Ujwala Prasthanam”, the book on Telangana history from the ages, Kingdoms, Telangana movement and its progress as a separate State.

Sabitha Reddy wanted that the books like “Ujwala Prasthanam” should be made available in all the libraries so that people would know about the past and present. She assured that she would take an initiative to improve the infrastructure and collection books in all the libraries in the State. She called upon all donors and writers to come forward and preserve and protect the importance of libraries. (NSS)